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There are three core services Oceania Defence can provide.

Importing and exporting Firearms and ammunition

Oceania Defence regularly imports section 1, 2 & 5 weapons as well as components and accessories from Europe and further afield. We will be happy to provide an estimate for importing your items. Please email us at for further information

(We are unable to import suppressors or select fire weapons from the U.S. due to U.S ITAR import/export restrictions.)

Please contact us for your export requirements as we are able to export worldwide

Import from US

Testing Section 5 Weapons and Components

Oceania Defence has its own private range in the South East of England where we can fully test and undertake research of Section 5 and 7 weapons on behalf of clients up to 50 BMG calibre. 

(Our fire range is certified by the local counties police force.)

Testing section 5 weapons

Deactivation of all Firearms

Oceania Defence offer the service of deactivating all pistols, rifles and shotguns. Any firearm sold on our website can be deactivated to UK regulation and include London Proof House Certification. We can also deactivate weapons already owned and held under a legitimate RFD licence. Prices for deactivation start from £150 (exVAT).

Deactivation of firearms
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