We are a specialist company who design, custom manufacture and sell section 5, section 1 and section 2 firearms suppressors and components. We supply products and services of the quality usually not found within the UK. Our aim is to produce and sell the most innovative and best quality of product within our marketplace.


We are always happy to hear from our clients and appreciate any feedback as we are constantly growing and adapting to the market’s demands, wishes and requirements. 

From our ranges of products we supply into police, Special Forces as well as civilian end users. 


Our suppressors have evolved from pain staking research into advanced metals, manufacturing processes and extensive testing and currently used by Special Forces. We use aerospace 3D printing methods to construct all our suppressors from either titanium or Inconel. This ensures the tightest manufacturing tolerances possible combined with the lightest, smallest and efficient devices available to the market. Our designs are and can be tailored to specific weapon gas flow properties to optimise performance.

The range covers all applications from compact pistol to fully automatic military weapons including sporting rifles. 

The models include quick detachable QD mounting systems compatible with any barrel thread specification. 

Our testing covers full decibel analysis and structural integrity from extended full-auto firing and extreme ranges of temperature change. 



We are the UK distributors for Walther products. Walther is a leader of firearms that last a lifetime. This comes from meticulous streamline processing and highest quality control. Walther combines old world German engineering and craftsmanship with modern techniques and state of the art technology. Their quality control processes are thoroughly overseen by human eyes and tooled with precision equipment that rivals any top manufacturing facility. 

On a Walther you’ll notice ergonomic refined control placement and the best trigger system on a polymer handgun. These are all industry innovations developed by Walther. With firearms, quality refers to the engineering design, the selection of materials, the grade of external finishing, the precision with which moving parts fit together, the polishing work on external parts and a host of other considerations. 

The PPQ is setting a new standard for sleek, elegant lines in a handgun. 

HS Produkt

We are the UK distributors for HS Produkt. HS is marketed and branded in the United States by Springfield Armoury. The company first produced the PHP semi-automatic pistols in 1991 and was based on the Walther P38 and shared features from the Beretta 92. this was followed by the HS 95 model that was described as a copy of the SIG Sauer P226. These early all-metal pistols were considered solid designs but suffered quality issues. 

In 1999, their most successful product, the HS 2000 polymer-framed semi-automatic pistol was developed on the basis of experience gained during the Croatian War of Independence. This model and variants are marketed under the XD (eXtreme Duty) brand. 

Today the pistol is a standard sidearm of the Croatian armed forces and police