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Do I need a variation of my firearms certificate to purchase a suppressor?

A: Yes.


Can I buy directly from you and have it mailed to me?

A: you may buy directly from us but the firearm will be required to be placed your certificate in sight the usual method of this is for us to ship the firearm to your nearest and preferred RFD and he will handle placing it on your certificate. 


Is it possible to fully disassemble your suppressors for cleaning?

A:  By nature of the design and manufacturer of this product, it is not possible to disassemble. it is possible to clean them by soaking them in a mild solution but because of the design and our internal systems the suppressors generally clean themselves and do not need cleaning like other products in the marketplace.


What muzzle threads do you supply your suppressors for?

A: We can supply to any muzzle thread. Please email for stock availability and we will provide a lead time if your muzzle thread is a less common variety.


I have seen cheaper aluminium and steel suppressors in the market place. Why are yours more expensive?

A. our suppressors are state-of-the-art 3D printed in titanium and Inconel and not manufactured by lathe system out of steel or aluminium. Our internal sounds suppression system is superior to anything else out there in the market place and with many things in life, you get what you pay for. If you want the best, it will cost you the most.


Will a QD can work with another company’s muzzle break?

A: our muzzle breaks are specifically designed to work with our cans and there are no standard interconnectivity with any other muzzle break in the market place. 


I have heard that titanium rifle cans can have their internal mouldings shot out if they get very hot?

A:  To achieve this level of heat would require a select fire platform shooting in a short period of time on full auto about 200 rounds. Our titanium cans are capable of withstanding this abuse but we generally advise the use of an Inconel can. For most conventional rifle usage in the UK of bolt action or semi-auto .22 LR, it is not possible to get the temperature high enough to damage this product.


The angular pistol can is not round and therein how can it be screwed on so that it follows the profile of the gun?

A: Our pistol can has a ‘Nielsen’ device that once screwed onto the pistol barrel allows the realignment of the profile of the can to follow the profile of the pistol.


I have seen the bucket test where a red hot can is submerged in a bucket of water. Do you suggest I attempt this?

A: No! Although we have tested our suppressors to extreme levels including the “bucket test” we do not recommend you try this as it can be potentially very dangerous and requires significant safety precautions. 


My suppressor is looking a bit tired, what can I do?

A: To return a new sheen to the finish of your suppressor we generally advise using a rubbing of the exterior with a synthetic gun oil. 

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