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Our Suppressors

Oceania Defence began development of the world’s first monolithic suppressor made entirely from one piece of material in 2012. The monolithic QD and direct thread models are made from Inconel or titanium using “3D Printing” or more accurately, Selective Laser Melting process. This method of suppressor manufacturing was pioneered by Oceania Defence in 2012 with US Patent 9102010 granted.
Fabricating the suppressor using this technique allows for exceptional strength to weight ratios as well as the ability to optimise the baffle structures. The suppressor is one integral piece of metal with no welds or joins. The entire structure is one monolithic piece of 718 Inconel or Titanium.

After successfully developing and patenting the process in NZ and USA, development continued on a range of products suited for Defence, Police and Sporting applications.
Oceania Defence is rapidly becoming a world leader in suppressor development and manufacture. The novel methods provide robust but lightweight designs that work well with most weapons systems.
Lighter weight means faster target transitions and healthier users. Suppressed weapon systems will reduce long-term hearing loss common in professional shooters. At the mission level, running suppressed weapons allows better communication among squad members, major signature reduction (both flash and noise) and the ability to maintain a lower profile in clandestine operations.
Oceania Defence currently delivers suppressors for the following weapons:

  • 30 and 45 Cal Sporting 'Hunter' Titanium (both dedicated insert and direct thread fitment)

  • 5.56 rifles (both QD and direct thread)

  • 7.62 rifles (both QD and direct thread)

  • 9mm submachine guns

  • 9mm pistols (all with Nielsen devices for all ammo use and pistol reliability)

  • 45 calibre pistols (with Nielsen devices for all ammo use and pistol reliability)

  • 338 Lapua Magnum rifles

Currently under development are suppressors for belt-fed Machine Guns in 556 and 762, QD 338 and 50 cal sniper rifles. These are scheduled for testing and release this year.
Oceania Defence will also work with your agencies to develop custom solutions for your specific applications.

7.62x51mm / .308 Alpine Hunter Titanium

This ultra lightweight .30 calibre suppressor weighs approximately 170 grams. It is suitable for non-magnum calibres up to 30.06 and comes in either an imperial 5/8"x24 tpi direct thread fitment or can be supplied to use a titanium thread insert covering various Metric M13x1 to M18x1 and Imperial .875"x24 tpi to 1/2"x28 tpi threads to match your existing barrel thread. 

Sound test averages: Using a 20" Remington 308 R1M1 with 47gr ammunition: 140.5 dBa at the muzzle, 130 dBa at the ear for a 26.2 dBa(A) reduction at the muzzle. 


Overall length (including insert) 168.5mm 

Without insert (direct thread) 166.5mm

Overall diameter 37.74mm

hunter front_edited_edited.png
hunter bottom_edited.png
hunter top_edited_edited.png

9mm UTU and UTU Micro Pistol Titanium

These Suppressors utilise a Neilsen device for fitment to the pistol barrel thread. Made from Titanium and weigh approximately 145 grammes and 105 grammes respectively.

Dimensions (without insert):

UTU 155.86 x 29 x 38 mm (LxWxH)

Sound test averages with Glock 17 124 Grain Dry - 142 dBA at Muzzle, 137 at ear.  

Sound test averages with Glock 17 124 Grain Wet - 134 dBA at Muzzle, 129 at ear.


UTU Micro 98 x 29 x 38 mm (LxWxH)

Sound test averages with Glock 17 124 Grain DRY 142 dBA at Muzzle, 137 at ear.
Sound test averages with Glock 17 124 Grain Wet 134 dBA at Muzzle, 129 at ear.

UTU front_edited.png
micro UTU front_edited.png
micro UTU bottom_edited.png

5.56 & 7.62 QD Inconel and Titanium

These Suppressors mount to a muzzle device with a two-turn ACME thread using 90 teeth and two ratchet levers. This allows for unprecedented repeatability of mounting from suppressor to muzzle brake and from rifle to rifle assuming the muzzle device is clocked to the same indexing position. The two ratchets also provide redundancy if one were to fail since the suppressor works well even with one ratchet missing.
The rotation ring latches into the open and closed positions which allows for nearly silent installation if needed. The installation is intuitive with most users and doesn't require selecting a special installation position unless the user wants the quietest installation. Installation does not require much force and is easy for those of smaller stature and grip strength to achieve the same results as the strongest.

556RL front_edited.png
762RL front_edited_edited.png
762RL bottom_edited.png
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