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Walther PPQ LBP

Accuracy Test

We have tested the accuracy of our Walther PPQ LBP at both 10 and 20 yards using standard CCI ammunition.  The test was conducted using the drilled barrel version with faux suppressor shroud and Shield red dot sight (8MOA) shot from an MTM pistol bench rest.  The weather conditions were sunny with no noticeable breeze and a temperature of 24°C.  The targets used have 1" squares with a 1" red bullseye.  Five shots were fired on each target.  

We also tested the accuracy of the standard Walther PPQ .22 with 4" barrel on the same day and in exactly the same way with an 8 MOA Shield red dot site fitted.  

Walther PPQ LBP 10 Yards

Walther PPQ LBP 20 Yards

Walther PPQ Standard 10 Yards

(4" Barrel)

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