The PPQ (Police Pistol Quick Defense Trigger) M2 series of handguns represents the pinnacle of Walther centerfire innovation, engineering and technology. This line is our flagship and is used by German Police as well as numerous law enforcement agencies and militaries throughout the world. The pistol features the Carl Walther signature Quick trigger with a pull between 4.8 and 5.6 lbs. Standard and large interchangeable back straps, adjustable sights, polygonal rifled barrel, and fully ambidextrous controls. This combined with a Tenifer™ finish to deliver the best out of the box production polymer pistol available.

Walther PPQ 45

  • Model

    Walther PPQ-45 M2



    Weight without magazine

    794 g

    Magazine capacity

    12 rd

    Magazine weight (empty)


    Magazine weight (full)


    Overall length

    188 mm

    Barrel length

    108 mm


    147,3 mm