The UTU suppressor is a monolithic titanium suppressor designed with a Neilsen which allows it to be used with most of the common John Browning tilting barrel designs including linked (1911) or cam operated (Glock) pistols.  The Neilsen is an assembly in the aft end of the suppressor that allows the gasses to push the suppressor forward while allowing the unimpeded rearward movement of the barrel and slide assembly using a stainless steel spring and titanium piston.

As such, the suppressor is able to function well with a wide range of ammo although it will perform best with subsonic ammo.  The supersonic crack of 115 grain ammo is caused by the bullet speed occurring outside the suppressor and which means the suppressor cannot quiet this noise.  Also, 124 grain bullets tend to be in the transonic range of 1000 to 1100 FPS and have more bullet noise.  147 or 158 will perform best for sound since they are less than 990 FPS.

The UTU suppressor is designed to be run wet or dry.  Initial sound testing was performed using a 10 shot average, recorded on a BK2209 with a 4134 mic 1.6M above short grass and 1m left of the muzzle along with chrono data.  Ten shots were also recorded approximately 50mm right of the right ear on a separate string to get sounds generated out of the breach.  Dry numbers averaged 128.4 dBA at muzzle and 127.7 dBA at ear with an average speed of 953 FPS using 147 grain JHP.  The same tests on 124 grain ball resulted in 134.2 dBA and 127.6 dBA at ear with an average speed of 1067 FPS. 

Wet tests using approximately 3 to 5 cc’s of fresh water that was inserted in the front of the suppressor while on the pistol and tilted up at approximately 45 degrees and rotated to even the water distribution along the axis of the suppressor resulted in an average SPL of 123.1 with 147 and 123.9 with 124 grain projectiles.  Maximum advantage was noted from shots 3 through 7 with a substantial reduction in FRP on the 124 grain bullets.

This is a sealed can and is only suitable for use with jacketed bullets.

 Comes complete with piston for Neilsen.

UTU 9mm Titanium Pistol with Nielsen Device

  • Weight 145 grams complete with neilsen and SS spring
    Overall Length 164mm for can including 10mm protruding from piston
    Overall Diameter 29mm
    Internal Diameter No
    Thread 1/2" 28tpi RH, M13.5 x 1 LH or M14 x 1 RH
    Overbarrel from Shoulder No
    Length Past Muzzle No