HS Produkt handguns were originally developed for Croatian Army and police forces seeking a locally designed and produced semi-automatic sidearm of high quality and in-the-field reliability.


This pistol was introduced in 1999 in 9x19mm Parabellum form and has since been widely exported to interested military and police customers around the world.


Its popularity has been further bolstered through civilian market sales in both Europe and the United States.


In the US market, the pistol is well-recognized as the Springfield XD ("XD-9" = "Extreme Duty, 9mm") and sold under the Springfield Armory, Incorporated brand label.


At its core, the HS handgun is designed around the tried-and-proven short recoil action common to many modern semi-automatic handguns. The pistol features a full-length metal slide atop a textured polymer lower frame/ The pistol grip is integrated into the design as is the trigger unit.


The gun has a grip safety device (found at the rear of the grip) and also features no fewer than three other safety mechanisms to help prevent accidental discharges. Later production models have since gone on to introduce an external thumb safety to be found on the frame itself.


The spring-loaded magazine is inserted into the pistol grip's base in the usual way and a short section of the slide's rear is ribbed for better gripping when managing the slide itself. The textured gun body makes for a firmer hold by the primary hand. Sighting is through a standard fixed arrangement with optional illuminated night sights available.

HS-9 Tactical 5"

  • Model HS-9 TACTICAL cal 9X19 5“
    Caliber 9×19 mm
    Weight without magazine 750 g
    Magazine capacity 16 rd (10 rd)
    Magazine weight (empty) 85 g
    Magazine weight (full) 280 g
    Lenght 204 mm
    Barrel length 127 mm
    Height 139,5 mm