The HS Produkt HS Tactical has a 4” barrel and is built on a full size textured frame. Some of the pistols many features are the polymer frame, excellent ergonomics and outstanding safety features.

Manufactured by advanced state-of-the-art production processes, the HS Pistol is a mechanically locked, short recoil operated pistol featuring an automatic firing pin, block / drop safety, grip safety, trigger safety and out of battery safety.

It has 3 separate safety mechanisms, a trigger safety, a grip safety and a firing pin block protect against unintentional discharges. More safety enhancements include a striker status indicator and a loaded-chamber indicator, giving shooters both tactile and visual feedback about the status of the pistol.

The overall finish of the HS Pistol will far exceed your expectations and represents outstanding value. 

HS Produkt was founded in Croatia in 1991 and later found International success with the introduction of their famous HS 2000 Model. 

In mid 2001, a long term contract was signed with the American company Springfield Inc, the main representative of HS Produkt for the North American market. (Springfield Inc supplies US police, military, FBI with its range of products including HS Produkt handguns)

Since the beginning of the cooperation with the aforementioned partner, HS Produkt has recorded the highest sales growth of handguns in the world, and Springfield has recorded the highest import from one single manufacturing plant in the history of the US. HS Produkt exports 95% of its products to the US market. Its handguns were voted handguns of the year in the US in 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2013.

The HS Produkt HS-9 Tactical model is sold in the USA under the name Springfield XD Tactical.

HS-357 Standard 4"

  • Model

    HS-357SIG cal .357SIG 4“


    .357 SIG

    Weight without magazine

    770 g

    Magazine capacity

    12 rd / 10 rd

    Magazine weight (empty)

    85 g

    Magazine weight (full)

    255 g

    (full 12 rounds)

    Overall length

    180,5 mm

    Barrel length

    102,5 mm


    140,5 mm