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Multiple Grenade Launcher Type RBG-6, cal.40x46mm, is lightweight, semi-automatic, shoulder fired grenade launcher for infantry use. It fires widely used 40x46mm grenade, low velocity family grenades.

The weapon is based on the revolver principle with a spring-driven, gas operated cylinder.

The weapon is equipped with a three-position folding stock. When fully extended the stock is almost parallel with the barrel. It is locked in that position for shorter ranges and as the range increases, the stock can be raised slightly to facilitate sighting.

Grenade Launcher VHS-BG cal 40x46mm

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    Technical specification


    1. Caliber 40×46 mm
    2. Barrel length 260 mm
    3. Velocity of firing 5 to 7 grenade/min
    4. Range 450 m
    5. Length (with extended buttstock) 675 mm
    6. Width (with sight) 84 mm
    7. Height (with sight) 215 mm
    8. Weight (with sight) 1970 g