Accuracy International 338 Lapua Magnum for AI Tactical Muzzle Brake


Lightweight magnum suppressor that provides good recoil reduction and tested hearing safe at the ear. Tested on 338LM 300 Win Mag and 308.

This can fits over the Accuracy International tactical brake.


Tested @ Hawera on a AX 338 with Lapua 250 grain Scenars 1m Left, 1.6M high at muzzel and 100mm right of right ear.

No suppressor 173.9 dB(A) Velocity 2821 FPS

With Suppressor 142.1 dB(A) Velocity 2828 FPS

At Ear suppressed 132.2 dB(A)

Negligible first round pop.

Accuracy International 338 Lapua Magnum

  • Weight 276 Grams
    Overall Length 230
    Overall Diameter 44
    Internal Diameter 35 Fits over AI tactical brake
    Thread 18x1.5 LH
    Overbarrel from Shoulder 50 mm over brake. Does not overlap barrel.
    Length Past Muzzle No