The 556 Ratchet Lock Titanium Suppressor uses the latest flow technology for the best sound reduction in the least size.  Identical in design to the Inconel suppressor, the Titanium is lighter and designed for semi auto use.  Designed for 5.56x45 it will aso work with any 22 cal bullet (or smaller) including 22-250.  The 556 RL attaches to a 91 tooth muzzle device (Not Included) using  two ratchets to provide 180 tooth indents or 2 degree of rotational alignemnt. 


For muzzle device options click here.


The suppressor mounts in about 3 seconds with 2 full turns of a ACME thread.  As the thread starts to tighten against the conical seal, the rotation rings clicks into place like a torque wrench which prevents the can from unscrewing and provides a consistent install tension.  To remove, twist the rotation ring until it clicks which unlocks the ratchet and keep turning to unscrew the suppressor. The best feature about the lock ring is that the motion to install and remove is intuitve and effortless.  It also prevents ratchet clicking noises when installing since the ring keeps the ratchet disengaged from the teeth during normal operation.  If you want to hear the teeth, just put the ring in the locked position before installing.


The can will perform much better on semiauto rifles with an adjustable gas block or piston to reduce noise at the ejection port.


Average multiple in house results of sound testing using BK2209 with BK4136 :

14.5" AR 15 using M193 55 grain at 2905 FPS: 134.88

14.5" AR 15 using M193 55 grain at shooters right ear: 138.68

14.5" AR 15 using M193 55 grain at 2905 FPS:  A weighted

14.5" AR 15 using M193 55 grain unsuppressed: 166.58


Prior to release this can was extensively tested for both sound and durability.  Built for extreme semi auto use but easy to remove even after extended firing strings.  QD mechanism provides a robust atachment and consistent POA POI shift.


This can is built from TItanium 64 using a selective laser melting process.  This process provides a completely monolithic structure for added strength with minimal weight.  The suppressor provides a yield strength of around 900 MPA with over 7 % elongation.


These are designed for semi auto on any 556x45 or limited burst fire.


Currently not available for sale in the USA, yet but watch this space.

556 Ratchet Lock Titanium QD

  • Weight 165 grams
    Overall Length 160mm
    Overall Diameter 38.2mm
    Internal Diameter NA
    Thread Fits all RL muzzle devices in 556
    Overbarrel from Shoulder NA
    Length Past Muzzle Length past end of Muzzle device - 105mm